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Art PEPPER - The Return Of Art Pepper 1957

Art PEPPER - The Return Of Art Pepper 1957
Audio CD: (3 Feb 2003)


Blue Note's The Return of Art Pepper: The Complete Art Pepper Aladdin Recordings compiles the 13 final masters that the alto saxophonist recorded for Aladdin between August 1956 and January 1957. These are titled The Return of Art Pepper, since they were recorded shortly after he completed a jail sentence in 1956. As a result, Pepper's chops are a little rusty, but you can hear that he still has a passion for playing, and he does improve over the course of these tracks. For serious Pepper fans, it's worth a listen, but for less dedicated fans, there are better places to become acquainted with his work.
By Stephen Thomas Erlewine. AMG.
This album embodies the West Coast Cool sound of the late 50's/early 60's. Pepper is unfailingly melodic and lays back behind the beat. It's much different than the explosive approach of Charlie Parker. "Your Mean to Me" which includes vibes is a perfect example of the ambience. "Mambo de la Pinta" is a great pick-me-up. My mood is always better after hearing that selection. If you like straight-ahead melodic jazz of that era I think you will enjoy this album. A wonderful musician expressing a particular time and place.
By Stefanie N.
(Tracks 1-10)
Art Pepper- Alto Sax, Tenor Sax
Jack Sheldon- Trumpet
Russ Freeman- Piano
Shelly Manne- Drums
Leroy Vinnegar- Bass
(Tracks 11-15)
Art Pepper- Alto Sax, Tenor Sax
Red Norvo- Vibraphone
Gerald Wiggins- Piano
Joe Morello- Drums
Ben Tucker- Bass
01 Pepper Returns Pepper 4:26
02 Broadway Brown, DeSylva, Henderson 4:56
03 You Go to My Head Coots, Gillespie 4:15
04 Angel Wings Pepper 4:40
05 Funny Blues Pepper 4:36
06 Five More Pepper 4:37
07 Minority Pepper 4:17
08 Patricia Pepper 3:33
09 Mambo de la Pinta Pepper 4:15
10 Walkin' Out Blues Pepper 5:52
11 Pepper Steak Pepper 3:47
12 You're Driving Me Crazy Donaldson 5:05
13 Tenor Blooz Pepper 4:55
14 Yardbird Suite Parker 5:44
15 Straight Life Pepper 3:24

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