Monday, March 1, 2010

Yusef LATEEF - The African-American Epic Suite For Quintet & Orchestra 1996

Yusef LATEEF - The African-American Epic Suite For Quintet & Orchestra 1996


When you've paid your dues like Yusef Lateef they call you Doctor.  They also let you do whatever the hell you want with an orchestra.   So, as people like Duke Ellington and Charles Mingus did before him, Lateef made an epic suite.  Lateef's quintet play more than enough instruments for an orchestra by themselves.  You can hear instruments from 6 of the 7 continents of the world here.  If anyone actually lived in Antarctica and had invented an instrument, it most certainly would have appeared on The African-American Epic Suite.  Maybe he could have hugged a penguin and recorded the sound it made?

It all adds up to incredibly emotional music with spurts of turmoil.  Duke Ellington's Far East Suite and Charles Mingus' The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady are still in a class all their own though.  For now, Lateef will just have to remain the most incredible musician I've had the pleasure of hearing.
Yusef Lateef- Tenor Saxaphone, Germanic Flute, Alto Flute, Indian Flute, Bamboo Flutes, Indian temple Flute, Moan Flute, Algaita, Shannie
Cologne Radio Orchestra (Kölner Rundfunkorchester)- Group
David de Villiers- Orchestra Director
Eternal Wind- Performers
Ralph Jones- Tenor and Soprano Sax, Flute, Bass Clarinet, Hichiriki, Bamboo Flutes
Charles Moore- Dumbek, Flugelhorn, Shofar, Conch Shells
Frederico Ramos- Acoustic and Elecric Guitars, Gimbri
Adam Rudolph- Small Percussion, Cymbals, Drums, Bells, Gong, Tabla, Didjiridoo, Whistles, Udu Clay Drums, Hand Drums, Kalgu, Kalngu (Talking drum)
01. 1st Movement  The African as Non-American  6:16
02. 2nd Movement  Transmutation  12:40
03. 3rd Movement  Love For All  11:46
04. 4th Movement  Freedom  15:22


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