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Tommy FLANAGAN - Thelonica 1982

Tommy FLANAGAN - Thelonica 1982


There's a definite Monkish bent to this one, in case you couldn't guess from the title -- but Tommy Flanagan doesn't simply copy Monk's compositions, but also throws in a few great touches of his own! The session's got a depth and complexity that goes beyond other standard tributes to Thelonious Monk -- partly due to Tommy's lyrical approach to the keys, which warms some of the tunes nicely, and shades in colors that Monk never seemed to touch. Trio members here include George Mraz on bass and Art Taylor on drums -- and titles include "Thelonica", "Off Minor", "Ugly Beauty", "Reflections", "Thelonius", and "North Of The Sunset".
From Dusty Groove.
Flanagan has a really deft touch on the keys. He uses interesting harmonies, creatively varies the melodic line, and employs a wider dynamic range than many other jazz arists. But there's something more - he seems to have an intuitive sense of how to build a larger architectural structure out of the musical material than many other musicians. I have over a dozen albums by Tommy Flanagan. They're all great, but Thelonica and Giant Steps stand out. (By "Giant Steps" I'm referring to the Enja label release that was a tribute album to Miles Davis, in which he gives a piano trio version of each tune on the original classic Miles Davis album Giant Steps, on which Flanagan appeared.)
By Peter D. Mark.
Recorded just ten months after Thelonious Monk's death, pianist Tommy Flanagan's tribute features eight of Monk's compositions plus Flanagan's own Thelonica. Assisted by bassist George Mraz and drummer Art Taylor, Flanagan does not sound at all like Monk but he recaptures his spirit and hints strongly now and then at his style on this fine (and often introspective) outing.
By Scott Yanow, AMG.
Tommy Flanagan- (Piano)
George Mraz- (Bass)
Art Taylor- (Drums)
01. North of the Sunset 4:22
02. Light Blue 5:28
03. Off Minor 5:28
04. Pannonica 6:59
05. Ask Me Now 4:10
06. Thelonious 4:10
07. Reflections 7:30
08. Ugly Beauty 5:03
09. Thelonica 5:11

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