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Stanley TURRENTINE - Up At Minton's 1961

Stanley TURRENTINE - Up At Minton's  1961
CDP 7243 8 28885 2 9
1994 Issue.(2CDs)


Burning live set of deep bluesy grooves featuring the great hard early tone of Stanley Turrentine! Grant Green and Horace Parlan set up a mean vibe alongside George Tucker and Al Harewood -- and the setting of Minton's Playhouse seems to drive the group into a nice tight frenzy. The whole session's a killer, with a groove that's as good as any of Stan's early Blue Notes. Titles include "Later at Minton's", "Come Rain or Come Shine", "Love for Sale" and "Summertime". (Amazing reissue pressing -- done as a 2LP set, with heavy vinyl and cover, and played at 45rpm speed for extra-high fidelity!)
From Dusty Groove.
This 1961 live date from the legendary (and now-defunct) New York City jazz club is one of saxophonist Stanley Turrentine's finest. "Stanley's Tune" is a stately blues number that fits perfectly into the hard-bop style, and here Turrentine's solo is raucous at times, almost percussive in its delivery. "Later at Minton's" continues in the blues tradition, with a leisurely pace and solos that are decidedly relaxed and funky. On this track, the smoky timbre of Turrentine's horn is particularly reminiscent of the great Coleman Hawkins.
"Love for Sale" (at almost 15 minutes, the longest track on UP AT MINTON'S) begins with a tricky 12/8 Latin feel, then morphs (rather slyly) into an up-tempo bebop groove. The two-disc set's final track, "Summertime," is played as a bluesy ballad, with Turrentine's solo beginning with a series of long tones, then building to a sudden, but well-placed, flurry of notes. The backing band is also quite creative throughout, and, not surprisingly, guitarist Grant Green shines on each track.
Bass- George Tucker
Drums- Al Harewood
Guitar- Grant Green
Piano- Horace Parlan
Tenor Saxophone- Stanley Turrentine
CD 1
01. But Not For Me (Live) 11:29
02. Stanley's Time (Live) 11:03
03. Broadway (Live) 10:38
04. Yesterdays (Live) 11:39

CD 2
01. Later At Minton's (Live) 13:55
02. Come Rain Or Come Shine (Live) 8:34
03. Love For Sale (Live) 15:11
04. Summertime (Live) 7:14

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