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Stan GETZ – With Guest Artist Laurindo ALMEIDA 1963

Stan GETZ – With Guest Artist Laurindo ALMEIDA 1963
Recorded at Webster Hall, March, 1963


Three weeks after completing his meeting with Luiz Bonfa and only two days after the epochal GetzGilberto sessions, Stan Getz was back in the studio recording more bossa nova. Producer Creed Taylor was obviously striking while the iron was hot, getting in as many Brazilian sessions as he could, yet the quality of the music-making remained consistently marvelous. Continuing his practice of running through one star guitarist after another, this time Getz has Laurindo Almeida as the designated rhythm man, featured composer, and solo foil. The rhythm section is an authentically swinging mixture of American sidemen (including Steve Kuhn on piano and George Duvivier on bass) and Brazilian percussionists. Almeida didn’t like to improvise, so his solos stay close to the tunes, inflected with a perfectly matched feeling for the groove along with classical poise. Jobim’s “Outra Vez” is a particularly lovely example of Getz’s freedom and effortless lyricism contrasted against Almeida’s anchored embroidering. Sessions like these might have been seen as cashing in on the boom at the time, yet in the long view, one should be thankful that these musicians were recording so much cherishable material.
This Album was Recorded by Producer Creed Taylor who Capitalized on the Famed Saxophonist's Passion and Comfort with Brazilian Music. These Sessions were Recorded Just Three Weeks after Sessions with Luis Bonfa and Only Two Days after the Monumental Sessions Recorded with Joao Gilberto. "Outra Vez" Hit the Charts, but it was the Whole of this Album that Set Jazz Aficianados Hearts Alight.
Bass- George Duvivier
Drums- Dave Bailey , Edinson Machado* , Jose Soorez
Guitar- Laurindo Almeida
Percussion [Latin Rhythm]- José Paulo , Luiz Parga
Tenor Sax- Stan Getz
A1. Minica Moca (Young Lady) 5:45
A2. Once Again (Otra Vez) 6:45
A3. Winter Moon 5:15
B1. Do What You Do, Do 4:31
B2. Samba Da Sahra 4:50
B3. Maracatu-Too 4:57


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