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Rod PIAZZA - Vintage, Live 1975

Rod PIAZZA - Vintage, Live 1975
1998 Issue


This is early Rod Piazza. He was young and full of energy. Here on this live set we see him burn through plenty of tracks a la Paul Butterfield. Although many people get tired of that kind of blues, you can't go wrong. It will always sound good. Rod also has a good band playing with him. One of whom is Larry Taylor on bass who played with John Mayall on the "Jazz Blues Fusion" and "USA Union" albums. If you are a true Piazza fan then you don't need convincing and if you want a good solid blues harp album, pick this up, it is tough stuff.
This medium to lo-fi live club recording (location and exact date unspecified) finds Piazza and a young, enthusiastic band playing it by the record collection as they mine their way through ten Chicago blues classics. With Hollywood Fats on guitar and former Canned Heat bassman Larry Taylor, the licks are suitably retro and blues-approved, as Piazza devotes over half the set to letter-perfect re-creations of Little Walter staples like "My Babe," "Oh Baby," "Key to the Highway," "Mellow Down Easy," "I Had My Fun," and "Mean Old World." Piazza extends the Walter approach to include like-minded versions of Muddy's "Standing Around Crying," "Take a Walk With Me," Eddie Boyd's "Third Degree," and Howlin' Wolf's "Rocking Daddy." What sounds still sounds pretty impressive (if somewhat derivative) some 20 years later must have seemed absolutely revelatory at the time.
By Cub Koda, All Music Guide.
Rod Piazza- (Harmonica,Vocals),
Larry Taylor- (Bass),
Mike "Hollywood Fats"- Mann (Guitar),
Richard Innes- (Drums),
George Phelps- (Guitar).
01. Oh Baby 4:24
02. Key to the Highway 3:56
03. Mellow Down Easy 3:37
04. Standing Around Crying 4:30
05. I Had My Fun 3:40
06. Rocking Daddy 4:50
07. Mean Old World 3:45
08. Take a Walk With Me 4:21
09. My Babe 3:14
10. Third Degree 4:47

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