Monday, March 1, 2010

Robben FORD - Blues Connotation 1996

Robben FORD - Blues Connotation 1996
ITMP 970083


If you are a fan of Robben Ford, you'll be aware of his good taste, excellent style and beautiful tone. In this album however, it is totally different. It's not what you would expect from Mr Ford...
But I wouldn't let this put you off. I think album show cases what an adaptable musician Robben Ford is. He fits in with the other band members including Bill Frisell (guitar) and Kenny Garrett (alto sax) and performs some rather complex jazz. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's worth listening to if you can get you're head round the fact that it is purely jazz. I reckon he's decided to push the boat out and has possibly challenged himself. I tip to my hat to him for whatever reason.
So if you like Jazz (especially the hardcore stuff) then go for it, I can't imagine you'd be disappointed - all the songs are pure jazz. If you like Robben Ford, then this is him at a different angle. It's worth a shot!
Kenny Garret- Alto Sax
Ralph Towner- Synthesize
Julian Priester- Trombon
Charlie Haden- Bass
Bill Frisell- Guitar
Anthony Cox- Bass
Jerry Granelli- Perc, Synthesize
Robben Ford- Guitar
01. City Life   9:28
02. One Day at a Time   8:33
03. I Could See Forever   6:27
04. Wanderlust   7:46
05. Billie's Bounce   6:23
06. I Put a Spell on You   7:30
07. Blues Connotation   6:06
08. Blues Connotation Reprise   4:07


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