Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Renée GEYER - Blues Licence 1979

Renée GEYER - Blues Licence 1979


In 1979, Renee teamed up with Australian guitarist Kevin Borich to record her next release, Blues License. The album was made up of straight blues material and featured backing from Borich's band Express and other Aussie notables of the genre.
Renee Geyer- Vocals
Kevin Borich- Guitar
Mal Logan- Keyboards
John Annus- Drums
Tim Patridge- Bass
Mark Punch- Guitar
Tim Pipper- Guitar
Steve Hopes- Drums
Ron King- Harmonica
Kerri Bidell- Background Vocal
A1. The Thrill is Gone (and Kevin Borich Express)   6:55
A2. That Did it Babe   5:15
A3. Set Me Free (and Kevin Borich Express)   3:56
A4. Bellhop Blues (and Kevin Borich Express)   3:23
B1. Won't be Long   3:48
B2. Stormy Monday (and Kevin Borich Express)   6:43
B3. Dust My Blues   3:03
B4. Feeling is Believing (and Kevin Borich Express)


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