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Michael BLOOMFIELD - Don't Say That I Ain't Your Man! Essential Blues 1964-1969

Michael BLOOMFIELD - Don't Say That I Ain't Your Man! Essential Blues 1964-1969


Fifteen tracks covering the pioneering blues-rock guitarist's '60s work, which was by far his best and most influential. Bloomfield worked with a bunch of bands during the decade, and the compilation flits rather hurriedly from his contributions to the Paul Butterfield Blues Band and Electric Flag, to his collaborations with Al Kooper, as well as some late-'60s solo tracks (none of his groundbreaking mid-'60s work with Dylan is here). Collectors will be interested in the first five songs, which date from previously unreleased sessions produced by John Hammond in late 1964 and early 1965. Featuring Charlie Musselwhite on harmonica, this pre-Butterfield Blues Band outfit plays convincingly, but the material is standard-issue, and Bloomfield's vocals are thin and weak (they didn't improve much over time). As befits Bloomfield's considerable but erratic talent, this is an interesting but erratic compilation; seek out the first two Paul Butterfield albums for a more cohesive showcase of his skills.
By Richie Unterberger. AMG.
You would probably already know that Mike Bloomfield is considered one of the best and most influential white blues guitarist ever lived. Unfortunately, due to several circumstances, and mainly to his character (apparently he was not the kind of person you would get on easily together) and his life style, his musical legacy is spread across several different albums recorded with several different bands and several different solo efforts. Due to the above, even his playing has been wonderful (most of the time) but sometime not so good either. This collection, covering 5 years of his career, includes some of his finest blues recordings, some of which previously unissued gems. If you never heard of him, I believe this is the right point to start with. Hearing him playing the blues at a so young age for sure will make you thinking about what a major star he would probably have been if his life weren't ended so tragically. This is a magnificent collection of great blues that should not be missed by any serious blues fan.
By M.Bernocchi.
OK, if you want to know what the hype is all about you can start here. You get classic tracks from both of Bloomers' Butterfield studio albums (classics in their own rights), The Electric Flag (who also produced some fine music), and his work with Al Kooper (Super Session and Live Adventures...). Additionally you get some tracks that are on out of print records (as in LPs) that have a great reputation.
Ultimately you'll probably get the 2 Butterfield albums, Super Session, and then Live Adventures... But if you haven't yet and are saving your dough (or don't have a lot) this gives you some highlights. Of course it will make you want to buy the rest too... Just the way it works... There are great tracks missing of course, and the early tracks are more interesting to people who already have the albums mentioned above. But if the record companies gave us truly essential discs they wouldn't make money off the others.
Worth getting wherever you are in discovering this inspiring guitar player. Early on it's a fantastic sampler. And if you know his work it fills in some holes with some rare tracks.
Like I said it's going to be on your shopping list sooner or later.
Ace of Cups- Vocals 
Reinol Andino- Conga
Jerome Arnold- Bass
Elvin Bishop- Guitar, Soloist
Michael Bloomfield- Guitar, Vocals, Soloist
Harvey Brooks- Bass
Paul Butterfield- Harmonica, Vocals, Group, Soloist
Billy Davenport- Drums
Marcus Doubleday- Trumpet
Cornelius "Snookey" Flowers- Sax (Baritone)
Michael Fonfara- Keyboards
Brian Friedman- Piano
Barry Thomas Goldberg- Keyboards, Piano (Electric)  
Nick Gravenites- Percussion, Vocals, Producer, Performer, Guest Appearance
Fast Eddie- Hoh Drums
Noel Jewkes- Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor)
Michael Johnson- Guitar
Bob "Congo" Jones- Drums
John Kahn- Bass
Ira Kamin- Organ, Piano  
Norman Mayell- Drums
Michael Melford- Guitar, Producer
Buddy Miles- Drums
Charlie Musselwhite- Harmonica
Mark Naftalin- Organ, Piano, Soloist
Fred Olsen- Guitar (Rhythm)
Gerald Oshita- Sax (Baritone), Sax (Tenor)
Skip Prokop- Drums
Orville Rhodes- Guitar (Steel)
Herbie Rich- Keyboards, Sax (Tenor)  
Roy Ruby- Organ
Richard Santi- Accordion
Sivuca- Guitar, Percussion
Rev. Ron Stallings- Sax (Tenor)
Peter Strazza- Sax (Tenor)
Mark Teel- Saxophone, Sax (Baritone)
Diane Tribuno- Vocals
Sid Warner- Bass
John Wilmeth- Trumpet
01. I've Got You In The Palm Of My Hands Michael Bloomfield 2:26
02. Last Night Michael Bloomfield 3:23
03. Feel So Good Michael Bloomfield 2:54
04. Goin' Down Slow Michael Bloomfield 3:39
05. I Got My MoJo Working Michael Bloomfield 2:39
06. Born In Chicago The Butterfield Blues Band;Michael Bloomfield 3:08
07. Work Song The Butterfield Blues Band;Michael Bloomfield 7:54
08. Killing Floor The Electric Flag-An American Music Band;Michael Bloomfield 4:11
09. Albert's Shuffle Michael Bloomfield 6:54
10. Stop Michael Bloomfield 4:22
11. Mary Ann (Live) Michael Bloomfield 5:27
12. Don't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong (Live) Michael Bloomfield 11:03
13. Don't Think About It Baby Michael Bloomfield 3:34
14. It Takes Time (Live) Michael Bloomfield (Featuring Nick Gravenites) 4:07
15. Carmelita Skiffle (Live) Michael Bloomfield 5:12

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