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Louis BELLSON,Shelly MANNE,Willie BOBO,Paul HUMPHREY - The Drum Session 1976

Louis BELLSON,Shelly MANNE,Willie BOBO,Paul HUMPHREY - The Drum Session 1976
SFX 10001 2LP


This is another part of "The Drum Session" featuring drummers Louis Bellson, Shelly Manne, Willie Bobo and Paul Humphrey, the LP was released in 1976 on the Philips label, additional players are Bob Bryant on trumpet & flugelhorn, Jerome Richardson on sax & flute, Mike Wofford on keyboards and Chuck Domanico on bass. Production by Oliver Nelson.
A true feast of Orgy in Rhythm for this super heavy percussion and drum battle recorded direct to disc over four sides of vinyl in California for the Japanese audiophile market.
As you might imagine this is a real banger from start to finish stuffed with beats and breaks and plundered for samples by the likes of The Beastie Boys(Shake Your Rump from the monster break on Super Mellow).But it's much more than a series of extended drum solos with most cuts featuring swinging and funky accompaniment by Bobby Bryant, Jerome Richardson, Mike Wofford and Chuck Domanico with Willie Bobo adding latin flavours - although we do get "Drum Battle Sections 1 & 2" with four kits battering it out together and in relay.
From the jazz dance "Samba Sushi" to the funky "Super Mellow" to the vocalised percussion of "Mouth to Mouth Resucitation" you just know this has got to be All Killer No Filler !!!
It's also beautifully recorded with absolutely fantastic sound plus Oliver Nelson(who also contributed the lovely compositions "Japanese Garden"and "Your Warmth")at the production desk.
Bass- Chuck Domanico
Drums- Louis Bellson , Paul Humphrey , Shelly Manne , Willie Bobo
Keyboards- Mike Wofford
Saxophone, Flute- Jerome Richardson
Trumpet- Bob Bryant
A1. One Score And Four Drummers Ago  
A2. Shelly's Blues  
A3. 4 Aces  
A4. Drum Battle, Section 1  
B1. Super Mellow  
B2. In A Japanese Garden  
B3. Take Three And C  
C1. Samba Sushi  
C2. Your Warmth  
C3. Mouth To Mouth Resuscitation  
D1. La Band Grande  
D2. Drum Battle, Section 2  

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