Monday, March 1, 2010

Liz TANSEY - What i Want 1997

Liz TANSEY - What i Want 1997


Rockin' blues with style & sensitivity - Thelma & Louise keep on driving.

GOOD NEWS! "The Honey I Want", co-written by Liz Tansey, David Leask & Suzie Vinnick has won First Place in Blues Category of The International Songwriting Competition 2004!!
LIZ TANSEY sings with a seamless confidence that instantly puts listeners in the palm of her caring hand. Liz's first solo CD, "WHAT I WANT", features an organic mix of what she calls Soulful Rockin' Blues. Others call it sexy, swampy and "...a gigantic roller coaster ride between those two inseparable bed-mates: music & emotion..."
From Real Music magazine.
"WHAT I WANT" was co-produced by Liz Tansey & Ralph Cole (guitarist, composer, producer and co-founding member of Lighthouse) and offers 11 songs, 7 of which were co-written by Liz. Subject matter ranges from love & lust to friendship, the homeless, biblical girls and taking a stand. "Overall,"explains Liz, "the perspective of the album is about living one's life bravely, being unafraid of falling down and always getting back up."
01. Struck by Love (3:54)
02. Mama's Lies (3:56)
03. Jawjackin' (You Do The Talkin') (2:41)
04. Walkin' Guy (4:48)
05. Tough Old World (4:08)
06. What I Want (4:00)
07. I Think You Know (4:23)
08. Hello Blues (4:12)
09. Lose All Track (4:03)
10. Dear Louise (3:43)
11. The Other Woman (3:38)


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