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Jeff BECK - With Jan Hammer Group,Live 1977

Jeff BECK - With Jan Hammer Group,Live 1977


Jeff Beck toured to promote Wired, backed by a jazz fusion group led by synthesizer player Jan Hammer. This straightforward live souvenir combines songs from Blow by Blow and Wired, plus a few other things, and features typically fiery playing from Beck.
By William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide
This 1977 live recording was made in a decade in which Frank Zappa so aptly declared that "Jazz is not dead... it just smells funny". Many jazz and rock credentials were tainted by failed attempts to turn the flirting between jazz and rock into a 'lasting relationship', and a number of records from that era are best left forgotten. This one, however, is not among those. On the contrary, it portrays a successful concert of a cohesive group of impressive musicians providing ample opportunities to hear just why is Jeff Beck indisputably one of the most amazing guitarists in popular music. Charmingly outdated (if only slightly) recording of a very good (sound) quality from the days when synthesizers were still monophonic, this record features inspired and passionate playing of Jeff Beck (g), Jan Hammer (ky, v), Fernando Saunders (b, g, v), Tony Smith (d, v) and Steve Kindler (vn, syn, g). Among rather uneven records of Jeff Beck, this is one of the few that has my undivided attention every time I listen to it. I'd give it solid 4 stars but I'll add one more in an attempt to increase the overall rating - Jeff deserves it.
Jeff Beck- Bass, Guitar, Sound Effects, Special Effects
Freeman- Piano (Electric), Timbales, Vocals, Moog Synthesizer
Jan Hammer- Synthesizer, Percussion, Piano, Drums, Keyboards, Piano (Electric), Timbales, Vocals, Moog Synthesizer, Producer, Engineer, Performer, Oberheim
Steve Kindler- Synthesizer, Guitar, Violin, Guitar (Rhythm), Synthesizer Strings
Fernando Saunders- Bass, Guitar, Guitar (Rhythm), Vocals, Vocal Harmony
Tony Smith- Drums, Vocals 
01. Freeway Jam (Live) 7:23
02. Earth(Still Our Only Home) 4:36
03. She's A Woman 4:26
04. Full Moon Boogie 6:09
05. Darkness/Earth In Search Of A Sun 7:53
06. Scatterbrain 7:27
07. Blue Wind 6:34

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