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James "Blood" ULMER - Blues Preacher 1992

James "Blood" ULMER - Blues Preacher 1992


This effort from controversial guitarist James "Blood" Ulmer sticks to a harsh blues-rock groove, with many of the one-chord vamps sounding like they are leftovers from John Lee Hooker's repertoire. There are no harmolodics (and little jazz) to be heard on the CD, and this rather primitive music is to be recommended only to fans of Ulmer's shouting vocals.
By Scott Yanow. AMG.
The blues-identified music of Blues Allnight, Black and Blues, and **BLUES PREACHER** gave Ronnie Drayton a larger role as second guitarist. Simon Adams of Jazz Journal International considered Ulmer's "blues playing ... an unsubtle thrash" compared to his work with Phalanx and MRE, while Bob McCullough of the Boston Globe found that Blues Preacher's "slower tempos ... [left] Ulmer plenty of room for his sonic explorations and gritty vocals." By 1994 Ulmer had made a decisive break from the eclectic style of earlier years, telling Down Beat, "I want to separate the styles of my music, I don't want to play all mixed-up." He introduced Blues Preacher by saying, "In this way, we can perfect each style by itself and make it a more satisfying experience for the listener."
DelmarBrown- Keyboards
Irene Datcher- Vocals
Aubrey Dayle- Drums
Ronald Drayton- Guitar
Billy Patterson- Bass, Drums, Keyboards
William Patterson- Synthesizer, Arranger, Drums, Keyboards, Synthesizer Bass
Mark Peterson- Bass
James Blood Ulmer- Flute, Guitar, Arranger, Vocals
01. Cheering (6:47)
02. Alone To Wonder (6:19)
03. Let Me Take You Home (5:19)
04. Who Let The Cat Out Of The Bag? (4:37)
05. Jazz Is The Teacher (6:48)
06. Justice For Us All (5:03)
07. Nobody But You (5:41)
08. Blues Allnight (6:31)
09. Get Up (7:36)
10. Angel (7:12)


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