Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dave MELL Blues Band - Blues Whit A Feeling 2008

Dave MELL Blues Band - Blues Whit A Feeling 2008


Blues With A Feeling
This is the second studio CD of the Dave Mell Blues Band, recorded between 2007-2008 at Doggie Boy Studios. This CD features an expanded lineup which includes many band members past and present, as well as, guest appearances from some of  Dave’s favorite musicians. Personnel includes Dave Mell on guitar and vocals, Ellen Mell on vocals, Darren Rich on keyboards, Matt Del Collo on drums, Buddy Cleveland on harp, Charlie Paplosky on harp, JR Sensenig on keyboards, Dave Ellison on bass, Pete Souders on saxes, Todd Hinnershitz on bass and backup vocals, Dave Hullinger on bass, Dave Black on drums, Jeff Solomon on bass,  Tom Malafarina on bass and backup vocals, Larry Corsa on guitar, Will Kinkaid on saxes, and Rob Klein on bass and backup vocals.
Horns are featured on 7 of the 18 songs here.
01. Em Zumba
02. Blues With A Feeling
03. I Ca't Get Next To You
04. No More Doggin '
05. Sempre el mateix
06. Town Without Pity
07. Stop Breakin 'Down
08. Keep On Churnin '
09. No anar més lluny
10. Turn Back The Hands of Time
11. El Stumble
12. Five Long Years
13. Sooner Or Later
14. Un Dia Assolellat
15. Rollin 'and Tumblin'
16. Oh Well
17. Like It This Way
18. Someday The Sun Won't Shine For You


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