Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Daddy MACK Blues Band with Billy Gibson - Slow Ride 2006

Daddy MACK Blues Band with Billy Gibson - Slow Ride 2006


The Daddy Mack Blues Band is back and taking some noted British classic rock on a “Slow Ride” through the blues! Featuring 2006 Blues Music Award nominee Billy Gibson on harmonica, Slow Ride captures The Daddy Mack Blues Band’s contagious brand of urban blues that will have music fans buzzing from the Mississippi Delta to Liverpool! Led by singer/guitarist Mack Orr, this four-piece band is one of the hottest blues acts Memphis has ever seen. Made up of members of the legendary blues group The Fieldstones, Living Blues magazine says that The Daddy Mack Blues Band provides a “solid, no thrills set” while Blue Revue adds “Orr knows how to work a groove…a great bluesman!” A night’s performance is sure to include Daddy Mack walking through the audience with his wireless remote playing guitar licks while his sweat drips onto the shoes of hollerin’ blues fans. Recorded in Memphis, Slow Ride captures the energy and funk of a band ready to take their brand of blues to the world.
**Many blues critics and fans seem to marvel at the often controversial side of a bluesman’s life. The passion of his music seems less relevant than the number of times he’s been imprisoned, drunk or the number of children he’s sired. Daddy Mack Orr has never killed a man, spent a night in jail, or fathered children beyond double digits. In fact, Daddy Mack has been married to the same woman since 1965, has four children, and works as a mechanic at his own garage in North Memphis. He has the occasional beer, but I’ve never seen him drunk. This may seem less than glamorous to some, but the truth is Daddy Mack is an amiable, hard-working man who came up the hard way. Born in Como, Mississippi sixty years ago, Mack Orr was one of nine children. He chopped and picked cotton until he moved to Memphis as a young adult, and found work in construction, where he later became a heavy equipment operator. Along the way, he picked-up skills as a mechanic and opened his own garage in North Memphis. He never went to college; in fact, he only attended school through the sixth grade. Although lacking formal education, Mack’s intelligence and determination have served him well in life. He learned blues guitar in his forties and has become a highly respected blues musician. In the past few years he’s been learning Spanish. He keeps a Spanish language instruction book in his truck where the station stays tuned to Spanish radio. Mack is an open, curious man; which explains his motivation for learning another language. It also explains the reasoning behind the making of Slow Ride. After all, Mack wasn’t familiar with the majority of these songs before I proposed the idea of this CD to him. A year earlier, he had recorded “Get Back” for Fried Glass Onions
Daddy Mack Orr- (Vocals, Guitar);
Malcolm Cullen- (Guitar, Wurlitzer Organ);
James Bonner- (Guitar);
Brad Webb- (National Guitar);
Billy Gibson- (Harmonica);
William Faulkner, Jeff Burch- (Drums, Percussion);
Jackie Johnson, Kelley Hurt- (Background Vocals).
01. Slow Ride 3:56
02. Whole Lotta Love 2:59
03. After Midnight 3:22
04. Lay Down Sally 4:21
05. Can't Get Enough 3:01
06. Honky Tonk Woman 3:14
07. Black Magic Woman 4:31
08. You Really Got Me 3:57
09. (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone 4:20
10. Get Back 2:48


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