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Climax Blues Band - Sense Of Direction 1974

Climax Blues Band - Sense Of Direction 1974
SAS 7501


Climax Blues Band (originally known as the Climax Chicago Blues Band) was formed in Stafford, England in 1968. The original members were guitarists Peter Haycock and Derek Holt; keyboardist Arthur Wood; bassist Richard Jones; drummer George Newsome; and vocalist and harmonica player, Colin Cooper.

In 1970, the group shortened its name to the Climax Blues Band due to pressure from the American band, Chicago Transit Authority. The band has released at least seventeen albums,including (Sense Of Direction 1974)This album reached number 37 in the album charts in 1974. MP3 Sample from "Shopping Bag People".
Peter Haycock (vocals, guitar, acoustic 12-string guitar, slide guitar);
Colin Cooper (vocals, guitar, clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone);
Derek Holt (vocals, guitar, Fender Rhodes piano);
John Cuffley (drum set, percussion).
A1. Amerita / Sense of Direction   6:05
A2. Losin' the Humbles   2:38
A3. Shopping Bag People   4:03
A4. Nogales   4:09
B1. Reaching Out   5:16
B2. Right Now   6:33
B3. Before You Reach the Grave   3:15
B4. Milwaukee Truckin' Blues (Chipper's Song)

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