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McCoy TYNER - Counterpoints, Live in Tokyo 1978

McCoy TYNER - Counterpoints, Live in Tokyo 1978
Denon Colosseum, Tokyo, Japan (07/28/1978)


McCoy Tyner is a powerhouse pianist and this live concert from Tokyo only confirms the mastery of this jazz titan. COUNTERPOINT opens with Tyner's own composition "The Greeting." A modal tour de force, this tune features a scorching solo from Tyner and high-octane drumming from Tony Williams. However, bassist Ron Carter offers great musical contrast. During his solo, he brings the group dynamic noticeably lower, and unlike Tyner and Williams, he focuses on subtle rhythmic motifs.

Duke Ellington's "Prelude to a Kiss" may be the highlight of COUNTERPOINTS. Performed as a piano-and-bass duet, it begins with intimate chords and delicate melodic gestures. However, as the tune develops, Tyner's playing becomes more extroverted and experimental. During his solo, he plays many of his trademark pentatonic licks--machine-gun-like riffs that freely embrace bitonality. Again, in contrast, Carter takes a much less modern approach to this tune. By playing more bebop-oriented lines, he juxtaposes the old with the new. Overall, this album documents the virtuosity and conceptual brilliance of Tyner and his band quite well.
From CD Universe.
Although these live tracks were recorded on the same evening in 1978 as McCoy Tyner's earlier Milestone album Passion Dance, they inexplicably remained unreleased until 2004. With Tyner joined by a powerful rhythm section consisting of bassist Ron Carter and drummer Tony Williams, the fireworks begin with an explosive interpretation of the pianist's "The Greeting." Next are two solo piano features, including a return to Tyner's exotic "Aisha" and "Sama Layuca," the latter building upon a hypnotic vamp from Tyner's left hand as thunderous chords with occasional tremolos are played by his right hand. Tyner begins Duke Ellington's "Prelude to a Kiss" with a well-disguised introduction before entering familiar territory just prior to Carter's entrance, producing an absolutely stunning interpretation. The disc wraps with the return of Williams for Tyner's "Iki Mashio (Let's Go)," another over the top work comparable to the pianist's "Passion Dance," with an interlude featuring a quiet but intricate solo by Carter. Even with Tyner's fierce attack at the keyboard and his heavy use of the sustain pedal at times, the sound is remarkably clear.
By Ken Dryden, All Music Guide.
McCoy Tyner- (Piano);
Ron Carter- (Double Bass);
Tony Williams- (Drums).
01. The Greeting 11:30
02. Aisha 7:08
03. Sama Layuca 6:38
04. Prelude to a Kiss 9:20
05. Iki Masho (Let's Go) 13:58

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