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Little CHARLIE And The Nightcats - Nine Lives 2005

Little CHARLIE And The Nightcats - Nine Lives 2005


Nine Lives is Little Charlie & the Nightcats' tenth album (counting a live one and a best-of) for Alligator Records. Guitarist Charlie Baty, Rick Estrin on harmonica, and a new rhythm section of J. Hansen on drums and Lorenzo Farrell on bass are all solid, road-tested professionals, capable of delivering blisteringly heavy instrumentals like the one that closes this album ("Slap Happy" is easily the best track here). The strong playing would have been enhanced by a fresh vision and some variations on the prevailing theme of a hard-working, hard-drinking simple man who has trouble with women, spends (or loses) all of his money, and seems generally amazed at it all. Everything here sounds fine, however.
By Steve Leggett. AMG.
Rusty Zinn- Vocals Background  
Ronnie James Weber- Vocals Background
George Zinn- Vocals Background 
R.H.Hairless- Vocals Background
Chris Siebert- Piano
Lorenzo Farrell- Bass
John Firmin- Sax Tenor
Scott Peterson- Sax Baritone
Little Charlie Baty- Guitar
Rick Estrin- Harmonica, Vocals.
01. Keep Your Big Mouth Shut 4:35
02. Handle With Care 5:02
03. So Good 3:43
04. Got To Have A Job 3:29
05. Circling The Drain 4:49
06. Don't Cha Do Nothin' 4:17
07. Cool Johnny Twist 6:21
08. Tag (You're It) 4:49
09. Quittin' Time 5:32
10. Deep Pockets 5:03
11. Wall To Wall 3:08
12. Sugar Daddy Sweet 3:17
13. Slap Happy 3:47
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